Sunday, 1 September 2013

We getting close!

Nesting ~ End July

Maggie is getting soo big, she looks really uncomfortable, I'm sure those piglets are going to be out in no time.
Now I've never had pigs, never mind, a soon to be mom with piglets. So I've been doing loads of research and trying to find out what I need to do and how I should prepare, should I be getting my surgical gloves and a bowl of warm water with loads of towels on stand by ;) So after spending much time quizzing friends and hubby who have had pigs, the conclusion is, that they pretty much have everything under control, so I can take a bit of a back seat for this one, but me being me, I really can't, I have to fiddle!
So every evening when I'm giving them there brush or scratch I check Maggie for milk, as they say that when the sow is leaking milk, she will be in labour in the next 12 hours or so.
I've also installed a infra-red light in their pen, so they have a spunky red vibe going on in there little hut and every day they get a nice big armful of fluffy hay added to their bedding.
When I went into their hut today I noticed there where sticks and branches and I thought, "Yea! Maggie is nesting, she must be getting really close", I decided I would take a few branches out as there were quite a few, as I was pulling them out Wilbur (male) walked up, sniffed and started bringing them back in, I couldn't believe it, normally its the female who does the nesting, so it wasn't Maggie, it was Wilbur after all, such a good dad to be. I have read and heard that you must remove the male pig from the mother and her piglets as he can kill them etc. so I've fenced off another area for him, that in the future can always turn into a grazing paddock for them. I have also read that with Potbellied pigs the male and the female can raise the piglets together. So we will see how it goes.

For now it's just the waiting game! For Maggie and Wilbur, that is sleeping, wallowing in mud, eating, sleeping and etc etc.

Wilbur soaking up the afternoon sun, with Bicardi (horse) and Shadow (Weimaraner dog) in the background.

Maggie playing the waiting game, quite well, she has been sleeping a lot! I can feel her babies wriggling around, it's not long now!

Wilbur and his nesting.

Wilbur has also started acting up a bit, he's starting to threaten to nip, which is not a habit he will be able to keep. I have told the kids to not come in without Daddy or I, rather be safe than sorry! I think he's just getting a bit protective.

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