Sunday, 8 September 2013

Look whose arrived!

Maggie had her piglets ~ Middle of August

What an amazing morning! We got up and started the feeding frenzy, which involves, feeding kids, dogs, chickens, pigs and horses, last but not least water and meander in veggie garden.
Every evening I've been checking Maggie (pig) for milk, every evening except last night, when we were a bit distracted with fishing at the dam! 

So I went down to the pigs with their delicious breakfast of pigs pellets and what ever yummy treat I find in the house. I always get such a welcoming response from the pigs when I come down they snort and grunt.
I put their food down and they both proceeded to gollop it down, I poked my head into their hut, as usual, and all snuggled up under some hay, were 4 tiny piglets! 4 adorable males. I quickly called my kids and hubby, who were just as eager to see them!

My kids were so excited and couldn't wait to come and touch them. I was very impressed at, how Maggie didn't mind us close by to her babies.
My Hubby gave Maggie a once over check and she seemed fine, she handled her first litter very well.

And then there-where-4-little-piglets. Well done Maggie!

Sleeping time. I mean come on, How cute is that? 

Concerned Maggie watching over her sleeping babies.

Four musketeers! 

Such a good mummy!

Wilbur has been keeping his distance! Sleeping outside the hut and not inside with Maggie, where he usually slept.
I've watched him go inside and give them a sniff around and then walk out, so I will watch him and see how he adapts, before just kicking him out! So far so good! ;) 


  1. Oh my, they are so cute! I'm glad she didn't have any trouble with her first litter! Congratulations!

  2. brings back memories. We lived on our 4 acre mini farm before selling and moving closer to husbands work in the city. We raised weiner pigs. and we had a sow that would be breach and I would get in there and deliver them. our sows had more than 4 at a time.

    I would joke at church " I was a gramma" they knew our sows had piglets. Thanks for the fun pictures. Have you ever posted on facebook. I bet a lot of youngsters would enjoy seeing the picture.

    1. Wow, that must have been quite the experience helping deliver the piglets. I haven't posted any pictures on facebook yet. Thanks so much for stopping by, please stop by again for more updates and pictures of the little piglets. So exciting. :)

  3. Awww they are so cute! Growing up in the country, I love to see the farm pics. Sure do miss those types of things. :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. So cute!! She's a beautiful mom!