Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Blowing Bubbles!

Making Bubbles

My toddlers all-time favourites on hot days is a tub of cold water and bubbles, they are entertained for ages. I throw in some plastic bowls and plastic cups and away they go.

If you don't want them to get completely wet, another simple fun activity is to let them make bubbles.
All you need is

~ A straw (sipping drink straw)
~ A plastic bowl
~ Water
~ Bubble bath liquid of your choice
~ Optional food colour

Fill 3/4 of the plastic bowl with water then put a teaspoon or two of your bubble bath liquid and place at child height, with a straw. Let them blow away and make bubbles.

I showed my son how to blow through the straw not suck, which he did suck a good few times, but quickly learnt that wasn't the game.
Once he got the hang of blowing through the straw and saw the bubbles bubbling up, he was sold.  He had a ball of a time.

You can even add a food colouring to the mix, to spice things up. I added red, to give the bubbles a red colour.

He loved it. He kept showing me how big he was making a bubble. Such a big boy!! ;)

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