Friday, 6 September 2013

Chicken Feeding!

The Hen Feeding Frenzy!

Feeding Trough
We made this feeding trough, photo below, out of scraps around the farm, a gutter piece and some scrap wood, then glued and screwed it all together. Pretty simple really! The chickens love it, and so do the hundreds of weavers and sparrows we are now feeding.

We feed our chickens laying mash or pellets with a mixture of crushed corn. Yummy, I would one day like to try making my own chicken food.

Mad rush for the food!

My chicken run is about 10X15M with a coop on the one side. They have free access to there run and coop all day, just after 1pm I open the gate to let them out to the rest of the farm and garden to help me find all those juicy bugs. In Summer I open it up a little later as the sun is up for longer. 

In one corner of the run, we throw all our scrap vegetables and throw-outs from the vegetable garden, which they scratch and forage through and make lovely compost.

I have also made these grids, to stop the chickens from scratching up the grass roots, so that they will have nibbling green grass all year round, especially in winter, as you can see. These have been a great help. Absolutely love them, going to make lots more soon!

Behind the coop we throw some of the left over hay from the horses for the chickens to scratch in, to offer a wriggly worm or a hiding beetle some refuge, for the chickens to find. They love it, I often find them scratching in it, underneath all the hay that is breaking down nicely is the best compost, smells just like the best soil you can find. This is a great way for breaking down your compost and feeding you chickens at the same time.

I grow lentils and barley sprouts, which is such a yummy treat for the chickens and just so simple to make for them, they come flying over with such excitement when they see me coming down to them. Have a look at sprouts for more information.

Barley Fodder, ready for animals.

Chickens feeding frenzy!

I also have meal worms, which I breed for the chickens and fish, for a yummy treat! This is still a work in progress, so far so good! Will keep you updated on how they go.

The beetles' that lay the eggs, which turn into 1000s of meal worms, which then turn into larve, which then turn into beetles, and so the circle continues.


  1. Thanks. Lawrie.... you are an amazing inspiration!

  2. I would love to have chickens for my yard. We are thinking of moving in a year or so to be better able to have more of a farm life. When we do, we'll use your farm as an inspiration to living well.

  3. I love your grass protecting frames, they are awesome! I must make me some of those :)

  4. Nice post, I like the idea of grass protection. We're going to start keeping mealworms and other bugs as treats when winter sets in.