Friday, 30 August 2013

Touch and Mix

Touch and Feel with Textures

This activity is loads of fun and keeps your toddler entertained for a good hour or so. Mixing, covering and dusting. This can be either a indoor or outdoor activity, if you choose to be indoors, make sure you stay away from any carpet. 

I wanted my toddler to experiment more with touch and feel activities and what a fun way to do just that.

So all I did was:

Half a cup of flour on a small baking tray,
Half a cup of macaroni pasta, in a separate cup
Half a cup of whole corn in a separate cup
(you can use any texture you have in your pantry)
I also put down some measuring cups and spoons!

Then sit back and watch! 

My Toddler had an absolute blast! He was a bit hesitant to get his hands too dirty in the beginning but in the end, he just couldn't resist. Patting, poking and picking up.

I can't wait to play this again, but next time I think I will try different objects like lentils, beans and even rice etc.  I think getting the Vacuum cleaner to help clean up could be fun too, at the same time teaching them to clean up after play.

Just remember, when choosing textures for your toddlers, please make sure they are edible.

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