Monday, 26 August 2013

Too Many Carrots

Canning Carrots

Where we live, our carrot season is coming to an end as we hit hot summer. I have got too many carrots for our family to eat. So with a little research; I decided to Can them, which turned out to be really easy, which is right up my ally.

So first of all;
~ You collect all your carrots that you want to Can, picked fresh is better!

~ Sterilize the Jars, in boiling water (very important)
~ Wash and dice (only if you want diced) the carrots, enough to fill your jars.

~ Put them into the jars, to about a inch from the top,
~ Fill the jars with boiling water to cover the carrots also about an inch fom the top.
~ Push the carrots down to remove any air pockets
~ Optional, You can add salt or sugar for taste, I didn't.
~ Put lid on, make sure not to tighten lid too much
~ Place jars into pot of cool water and bring up to the boil (this process cooks the carrots slightly)
~ Once it starts boiling, time it to 10 minutes
~ Remove Jars very carefully
~ Leave to cool before putting on shelf for storage.

Once the jars are cooled, you can check if the jars are sealed properly by seeing if the lid is sucked in, if not place it in the fridge for eating, not storage. You can also press the center of the lid and push it in, if it moves up and down it is not sealed.
You can remove the ring of the lid if you like, to prevent rust, due to moisture trapped in the ring lid. If you choose to leave them on, just loosen them.
Salt and sugar are not preservatives for vegetables: they are added to stabilize and improve flavor, but will not prevent spoilage.

My carrots that I Canned

We opened a can yesterday and they were delicious, I was very impressed, I really didn't think the carrots would taste all that good, but they retained flavor and had a slight crunch, perfect for adding to stews or casseroles etc... 
Once opened, store in refrigerator.
I'll defiantly plant extra carrots again next year.

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  1. Mmm, I love carrots! These looks awesome. Following along from the GYB networking party, can't wait to read more!