Wednesday, 21 August 2013


July - PotBellied Pigs

We got given 2 Pot Bellied Pigs from my mother in-law half way through July.

Such awesome characters! When you go in to the pen, they come snorting and oinking wanting something, as you start to scratch them, they almost go into a trace and topple over, they just love it!

Maggie is pregnant, "we going to have babies! Yay!!". I reckon she's been pregnant for about a month and a half.


My husband, being the spontaneous type; gave us a day to get the pen ready for pigs! He was on his way home, and the pigs where quite far from us. 
So there we were, racing around the farm trying to make a pig pen fit for pigs. Because as we all know, Pigs are escape artist!
When the pigs arrived we made a make shift, off-loading ramp and scuttled them off, with a push and tug down the ramp. They settled in quite nicely.

Behind the pen is the chicken run and behind that is my veggie garden!

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