Thursday, 10 October 2013

Edible Painting

Yoghurt painting is a excellent way for your toddler to experiment with slimy, wet texture that's edible. It's also a quick to do activity for your kids, with great rewards and benefits.

All you need is:

~ Plain or vanilla yoghurt
~ Food colouring of your choice
~ Sticky tape
~ White paper


All you do is sticky tape a pattern on your paper, I did the letter of my kids name, and hanged it in their room.
Put a few tablespoons of yogurt in a cup and mix in your food colouring to your desired colour.
Put the paper in front of your toddler, and let them play.
Once they finished, hang the picture up to dry.
Once dry, carefully remove the sticky tape.
Place in a frame.

In the beginning I had to show my toddlers what it was, but nice they got the picture there was nooooo stopping them,
This is a lovely activity that's easy to clean up afterwards.

Such good fun!

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  1. Love this idea Lawrie. I am so definitely going to do this
    Keren (Fabulous farm Living)