Monday, 21 October 2013

Advantages Of Fodder

I always like to know if I'm on the right track when it comes to feeding my animals, I'm always researching new ideas for feeds and ways to be able to grow and harvest my own.

I grow Barley Sprouts/fodder, but you can grow oats or wheat-grass. Barley is the more popular for feeding livestock.

The advantageous of feeding Fodder to animals is amazing. Its becoming more and more popular now. Its really not too time consuming either, but once you got your watering on a timer, it will really be a little you will need to do.

Some Advantages to Feeding Fodder to Horses:

  •  Properties known to reduce the incidence of ulcers, inflammatory laminitis, tie-up, compaction & colic
  • Reduce recovery time after hard work
  • Exceptional growth rates in yearlings
  • Stimulates appetite, especially during conditions of heat stress
  • Fed daily, maintains a horse’s well being by aiding the digestive process and supplying protein and high levels of cool energy. This allows a horse in work to maintain the bulk essential for an extended campaign
  • Improvement in general appearance and coat condition
  • High in digestible fiber, which is digested into volatile fatty acids & is readily absorbed into the bloodstream as a source of energy
  • Sprouts contain higher concentrations of the freely availably minerals important for animal nutrition, compared to grain prior to sprouting
  • Helps replace essential fluids lost in work and increases hydration, especially in regions where heat causes excessive loss of fluids from sweating
  • Provide essential amino acids and vitamins which encourages early breeding (D Cuddeford. PhD Royal School of Veterinary Studies)
  • Improved behaviour
  • Higher milk production in lactating mares
  • Improvements in hydration levels

Some Advantages to Feeding Fodder to Pigs:
  • Improvements in coat condition
  • Improved weight gain
  • Improved muscle condition
  • Improved lactation rates
  • Improvements in milk quality
  • Improved fertility rates
  • Reduction in cull rates
  • Reduced mortality rates
  • Improved hoof quality and strength
  • Improved gut function
  • Improved behaviour and temperament
  • High quality meat and better texture

Some Advantages to Feeding Fodder to Chickens:
  • Better quality eggs with deeper yolk colour
  • Enhanced egg taste
  • Reduced sticky droppings
  • Higher quality meat with better texture
  • Improved health and energy levels
  • They just love it, especially if they are kept in.



  1. This is amazing!!! You are one outstanding lady!!!! I bet your animals just love you for growing such yummies for them to eat. It makes sense why there are so many advantages to feeding them this way!!! Beautiful blog you have here! I look forward to following along with you!!!! And that shot of the pigs is adorable!

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely words! We are loving having the piglets around, they are just so inquisitive. Really cute!!