Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Tyre Horse Bucket

I'm not sure about you, but I am always having a problem with my feed buckets. Max, one of my horses, loves to play with his bucket, he will pick it up and throw them around, step in them and hoof them. So, after going through loads of different shape and size buckets, I had put his feed bucket in a tyre during feed times to stop him from kicking the buckets, but still that did not work. I needed some tough as wheels, flexible and heavy duty bucket. What better than the actual tyre he was kicking!

All you need:

  • A tyre
  • Rubber mat
  • 4 x Washers 
  • 4 x Lock nut
  • 4 x Bolts


Stanley knife or sharp knife
Screw driver
Drilling machine
A strong handyman

~ Cut the rim off the tyre with a sharp knife or Stanley knife. It's quite tough so put your back into it or call for help!

~ Now ask your help or you, to twist the tyre inside out.

~ So that it looks like this:

~ Measure the inside of the tyre and cut the circle length out of the rubber mat.
~ Drill four holes on the ends of the rubber mat for the screws.
~ Then place rubber mat in the tyre and drill through the holes into the tyre.
~ Place screw in and put washer then lock nut.
~ Tighten tight.

And Waa-laaa!!!

I've had these buckets longer than I've had any others and they still in good condition. I would love to hear what you use for your horse feed buckets.


  1. Holy cow this is genius!!! You need to market this idea!!! And reusing tires is so green!!! I would even use these for the garden!!! Awesome awesome friend!

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